Multi-purpose and hydrogen peroxide are the two contact lens solution types that must be used to disinfect soft contact lenses every time before use.

Rigid contact lenses are disinfected with hydrogen peroxide solution or with a specially made soaking solution and a separate cleaning solution.

Multi-purpose solutions

The correct multipurpose solution is chosen to disinfect, clean and store specific types of soft contact lenses.

Hydrogen peroxide solutions

Hydrogen Peroxide is a very effective contact lens disinfectant which needs neutralising before being placed on the eye. There are advantages to the hydrogen peroxide vs multi-purpose systems with certain contact lens fittings or with very sensitive eyes.

Rigid contact lens solutions

This two-step system uses specifically manufactured solutions to disinfect by soaking and then to clean Rigid Gas Permeable lenses.

Saline solutions

Saline solution does not disinfect the contact lens but rather is used as an irrigation solution by hydrating the contact lens before wear.