Welcome to Eugene Botha Optometrists

Welcome to Eugene Botha Optometrists.

Eugene Botha Optometrists is an independent Optometric practice that was established in 1982, providing Optometric services to the western suburbs of Johannesburg.

The practice over the years has retained a reputation of being professionally independent, allowing for individualised Optometric services.

Eugene Botha Optometrists has evolved into a speciality interest practice that offers advanced contact lens assessments and fittings, as well as assisting low vision patients. This evolution was achieved through working closely with medical disciplines involved in the eye healthcare field.

The practice is well located and equipped with the latest technology in diagnostic equipment. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members are there to assist you and make you feel cared for, during your one-hour consultation.

Eugene Botha Optometrists stock a wide selection of well-known international fashion spectacle and sunglass frames. The practice also uses an internationally recognised supplier for our high-quality lens products. The practice claims from most medical aids and offers well-positioned price packages.